Christoph Denoth, Gitarre
CD-Besprechungen zu Nocturnos de Adalucía (2016/Signum Records)

RITMO - Musica Classica, Mai 2016

It's a programme to follow with highest pleasure, if we add that the sound recording is excellent and that the interpretations of the guitarist of Basel, who possesses a marvellous sound and remarkable musicianship, show perfectly its expertise and lean on the full professionality of the baton.


Planet Hugill, 24. März 2016 // Robert Hugill

Throughout Denoth impresses both with his technique, but also with the engaging way he plays the music. He clearly feels strongly about Palomo's work, and brings out the interesting darkness and complexity of Palomo's vision of Anadalusia.

Engadiner Post, 29. März 2014 // Gerhard Franz
Die große Kunst von Christoph Denoth

über Villa-Lobos Preludes No. 3 Homenagem a Bach:

(...) auch hier brillierte Denoth mit seiner ausgereiften Technik. (...) Ganz vortrefflich wie Denoth sie gestaltete, auch hier zeigte sich seine grosse Kunst auf der Gitarre mit seinen überragenden Farbschattierungen: Ein grosser Künstler bescherte uns ein wundervolles Vorabendkonzert.

CD-Besprechungen zu Mister Dowland's Midnight (2014/Signum Records)

The New York Times

The melancholy, private lute music by John Dowland gets an infusion of fresh color in this recording by Christoph Denoth. Transposed to the modern guitar, the light-an-shadow contrasts of Dowland's compositions become starker, the flights of counterpoint more brilliant. But it's in the quietly mediative galliards that Mr. Denoth's guitar sounds most lutelike.


Gramophone, November 2014

Christoph Denoth is superbly placed to exploit the cantabile and colouristic properties of his instrument. (...) it's this credulousness which gives his arrangements and their performances so much of their beauty and power. (...) The arrangements are superb, (...) managing to remain faithful to the spirit of both the lute and the modern guitar.